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BLS Consulting Services

SAVE MONEY & REDUCE EXPENSES.... In tough economic times it's more important than ever that we find a way to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality or service. Companies that can remain lean will not only survive, but excel in this market. The expenses you can't eliminate you can reduce if you are like most businesses trying to find any way you can reduce expenses right now. All too often, the only answer we can find is reducing staff. Most businesses are overpaying on the basics and don't realize it. Our expert negotiators can review your expenses (for NO charge) and discuss potential areas you can reduce expenses without cutting staff! Does your banker speak your language? Does your banker understand your business and what it takes for you to succeed? Other business owners have told me that they sometimes get a good banker, but if they do, they had better not get attached! Good people get promoted or hired away by other banks. Some have told me they end up with a new banker who has to be educated before becoming effective, two or three times per year! They feel like they are running a school for bankers. "My goal is to be the last relationship manager you need, for as long as you need." James Benincasa

How to tell if you would benefit from our service

BLS is most effective for companies that sell to other companies.

Examples include:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Service companies that sell to other companies
  • Wholesale distribution companies

Our advisory services are especially effective for privately-held companies, with annual revenues up to $50,000,000.

The format of our service is scalable and tailored to you. We can provide select services or go all the way to function as your sub-contracted Chief Financial Officer.  We work as an outside business advisory, advising the company's ownership and top management on financial matters, in particular, keeping the company finance-able and arranging financing as necessary.


Minnesota Business Brokerage


Thinking about selling your business?

Every year an estimated one million businesses are sold by owners just like you. Based on our experience, prospective business sellers struggle with many of the same questions:


Is it the right time to sell my business?
How do I figure out the real value of my business so I sell it at the right price?
How do I know I'm taking all the right legal and financial precautions?
Who can I really trust to help me find the best buyer for my business?

Selling your business can be one of the most significant and complex financial transactions you will ever experience.  Wise business owners who want to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible don't ask "if" they need a business broker -- they ask which broker they should trust to guide them through the process. We are here to provide excellent service to Minnesota and the greater Midwest.

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Buying Businesses Takes Work

Whether you are thinking about buying your first business or looking for another business to add to your portfolio, working with James Benincasa at Calhoun Companies puts you at an advantage. In addition to providing verified listings, we are connected to an extensive network that enables us to find the best opportunities and prospective buyers. James does know what questions to ask and more importantly how to listen in order to create the perfect match.



Contact Information

Office: 877-668-3651 Fax: 877-307-1166

Mailing Address: PO Box 1716 Maple Grove, MN 55311


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BLS Mission Statement

"We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their financial goals"